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Silk Scarf

premium Chinese silk 100%, 12 mm

length 160 cm, width 68 cm 

hand painted design

VIP sewing service

not shedding ink

The pattern was given to the family of new immigrants from China by Australian designer as a present for their Aliyah in remembrance of the day of return to the homeland. The colors were carefully chosen with the view of Israeli shiny whether and beautiful sea line.


A history of Israel was considered as well: one day as Israelites came back from Babylon, they took the best knowledge and finest things back home, including this pattern the origin of which is yet under discussion. The only one fact is for sure - it has been spreading throughout the world over the silk road connecting east with west

Since the family of new immigrants set their business straight after Aliyah the pattern was immediately transferred into the product of high quality.

 Price: 490 sh

- 20% for Museum - 272 cost price = 120

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